December 16, 2019

Minister focuses on demographic bonus for environment

JAKARTA ( - Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has delivered a speech by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo essentially focusing on the fact that Indonesia's population is increasingly dominated by citizens of a productive age who have to care more about the environment.

This demographic bonus, according to the minister, should be utilized by making it mainstream for individuals to care for the environment.

These were among the important issues raised by Minister Nurbaya in front of representatives from 434 schools from 164 cities/districts in 32 provinces at the ministry building (Dec 13).

The essence of this speech is consistent with what President Jokowi said when he was inaugurated for his second term of office, when he emphasized that the demographic bonus is a challenge as well as a great opportunity. 

The minister showed evidence that the number of elementary and secondary school teaching staff in Indonesia stands at over 2.72 million, while the number of students totals more than 45.36 million.

"This data demonstrates that the younger generation will have great potential and influence on environmental quality in the future," she said.

In addition to giving the speech, Minister Nurbaya also gave awards to the 434 schools for caring for and having an environmental culture, as well as for their academic achievements. She also gave three elementary school students the opportunity to get a taste of her position by becoming "Minister of the Environment and Forestry for a Day".

Key Strengths

Minister Nurbaya underlined that the demographic bonus will play a decisive role in supporting an improved environment and more sustainable forestry. 

"We continue to encourage a growing awareness and concern on the part of the millennial generation towards creating a better environment and forestry, both through their education and lifestyle," she explained.

The Minister stressed the importance of shared responsibility, especially in the education sector, to continue working even harder and being even smarter in working together to bring about an improved and sustainable environment and forestry as part of creating a more advanced Indonesia.

"Indonesia’s students today are the country’s future leaders, and we hope they will integrate environmental, social and economic values in all of their later decisions," she urged.

"They must also be prepared to be environmental saviors in responding to climate change, which is a long-term challenge," she added.

She elaborated on the development of industry 4.0 along with efforts to tackle climate change, pointing out that this poses a challenge that will require various periodic adaptations and adjustments.

"The strength of character of those who care about the environment among the millennial generation is one of Indonesia's key strengths. This is a serious concern of President Jokowi which will continue to be addressed over the next five years,” Minister Nurbaya asserted.